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Picnic in the Park this Sunday, June 16th. No gatherings at the kalen center!
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Joy in the Middle of It (Joy – December 12, 2021)

This year, the "joy" week in Advent includes a passage from the prophet Zephaniah. The beautiful and uplifting words console us, but when we set them against the backdrop of life at the time, they take on deeper meaning. In this podcast, we consider how Zephaniah's words of joy fall right in the middle of the mess, and how we might look then for Jesus adventing in to the midst of all we'd prefer to exile.
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A Liturgy As Big As Life: We Will Keep the Feast (Peace – December 5, 2021)

Throughout this semester, we've explored the invitation from Jesus to build a big enough table for the Great Thanksgiving. This week (in a rare "full/extended gathering" edition of the podcast), we explore the mystery and miracle of the Eucharist - what it means, why it matters, and why our entire gathering each week culminates at the Table. Against the backdrop of Advent's call to Peace, we remember Jesus in the Center of our worshiping community.
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Raise Up Your Heads (Hope – November 28, 2021)

As the season of Advent begins, we lean into Hope. In today's podcast, Luke Warner untangles a difficult passage from Luke 21. Here, the sky is literally falling. But Jesus invites us to behold restoration, reconciliation, re-creation in the midst of chaos and catastrophe. Rather than an end, this is the birthing of a new beginning.
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