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We desire to be transformed by Christ through a complete renovation of the heart. God works this renewal in us as we practice life Jesus’ way. Journeying together, we’re steadied and shaped by a shared rhythm, traditionally called a Rule of Life.

This rule (which means trellis, not a rule as we may think of it) gives us a practical framework to  apprentice our lives to Jesus across three primary pathways: the heart, head and hands. Out of each of these pathways flow corresponding practices – both personal and communal – that teach us to bend our lives around Jesus’ example.

Craft Your Rule of Life

Individually, we encourage everyone at The Parish to allow a personal rule of life to shape their life with God. Though a rule or rhythm of life can take many forms, we think it helps to start by looking at your life in light of the primary pathways above. Next, write down specific practices and habits to help you uniquely respond to God’s work in your life.

Below is an example of what a finished rule might look like, and when you’re ready to craft your own rule of life, download our template to get started. If you’d like coaching along the way, we’re here to help.

Prayer & Spiritual Formation
  • 2 minutes of silence each morning
  • Daily Office / Scripture reading (3-4x per week)
  • personal retreat (1 day per quarter)
Emotional Health
  • monthly counseling
  • practicing self-awarness through daily journaling
  • 7-day break from social media each month
Rest & Limits
  • limit email & technology
  • practice a weekly Sabbath
  • practice a “soul care” time once per month
Work & Service
  • intentionally growing in my vocation
  • volunteering in justice-related initiative
  • stewardship of time & money

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