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Responding to Omicron: Masks Required for Now

Dear friends, As we continue responding to the ongoing pandemic and public health crisis, we are temporarily returning to mask-required mode at The Parish (for preschool and older). Given the nature of Omicron, we highly recommend investing in a high-quality mask.…

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A Liturgy As Big As Life: We Will Keep the Feast (Peace – December 5, 2021)

Throughout this semester, we've explored the invitation from Jesus to build a big enough table for the Great Thanksgiving. This week (in a rare "full/extended gathering" edition of the podcast), we explore the mystery and miracle of the Eucharist - what it means, why it matters, and why our entire gathering each week culminates at the Table. Against the backdrop of Advent's call to Peace, we remember Jesus in the Center of our worshiping community.
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Watch How I Do It | A Spirit-Dependent Life (October 24, 2021)

Today we explore the final "leg" of our big enough table - the charismatic traditions in the Church that help us lean into a Spirit-dependent life. We'll look at both the gifts and potential pitfalls of these traditions and how we might make space for a faith that is radically responsive to the Holy Spirit while remaining rooted in cruciform love and sacramental presence. 
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Walk With Me | Formed by Our Influences (September 19, 2021)

This week, we reflect on the shaping power of the influences and atmospheres around us. What is forming our understanding of what is true and good? What are we being taught to love? We assess our use of media and practice soul care  to meet Jesus amidst the ongoing pandemic. Use the handout below for your own time of journaling practice and to follow along.
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Walk With Me | Formed by the Two Books – A Creation Liturgy (September 12, 2021)

This week we explored the formative influence of "The Two Great Books". Throughout history, Church fathers & mothers have spoken of God's revelation in both the book of Scripture and the "book" of Creation/Nature. Many of us need fresh permission to experience God prayerfully in the world he has made. This world is God-soaked and creation itself is an ongoing worship service already in progress. Take some time and listen to this Creation Liturgy playlist on Spotify next time you go on a walk, hike, or adventure and see if God meets you in a fresh way as you experience creation.
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