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This Week is House Church Sunday (no Services at Kalen Center)! Instead, join us at a House Church ‣

Our journey with Jesus does not always come naturally. We need the illumination of the Spirit, the signposts of Scripture, the company of community, and the maps passed down by those who have walked this pathway before us.

Seasonal classes help us learn to travel the way Jesus gave us. Class topics vary from season to season, and are are informal and interactive. Together, we’ll study healthy theology, life-giving spiritual practices, plumb the depths of the treasures of church history, lean into rhythms for Christ-centered living, and discuss maturing into emotional and spiritual health.

Upcoming Classes

Who Is My Neighbor Part 2

Thursdays this Fall | September 29 – November 3, 2022

Today, people from around the globe are moving into our neighborhoods.

As followers of Jesus, how do we live out our faith among people for whom the only thing we believe we have in common is the street we live on, the office we work in, or the school we attend? And how do we speak about Jesus in a multi-faith, multi-cultural or skeptical world? Who is My Neighbor? utilizes videos and Scripture to create a conversation on the importance of hospitality, neighboring, and community-building in God’s Kingdom. How do we cross cultural barriers and build bridges for the gospel, so that we can love our neighbor well?

By participating in Who is My Neighbor?, believers will be able to experience the breadth of the good news and discover their place in the kingdom as blessings to their neighbors and the nations.

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Closed Classes

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course points us in the direction of deep, beneath-the-surface transformation into Christ’s likeness. We’ll explore the spirituality of our inner world and grow in self-awareness of the ways emotional un-health hinders daily flourishing. Together we’ll chart the impact our family of origin has on how we relate to God and others, discuss the spiritual journey’s path through the difficult countries of suffering, grief, and loss, and stretch out relational skills such as forgiveness, boundaries, and healthy conflict in a safe and supportive environment.

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