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Parish Community Updates | April 16, 2023

In this podcast, Andy Culp (senior warden of The Parish Vestry) introduces "Parish Night: Our story & the Next Chapters," provides a church financial update, and gives an important announcement about our next steps for our staff team.
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Parish High School Podcast

Check out Breath Prayers for High Schoolers created by Evan Chasteen. Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Podcasts Evan and Grace Chasteen lead The Parish High School group in their home every other Wednesday. Learn more here.

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Joy in the Middle of It (Joy – December 12, 2021)

This year, the "joy" week in Advent includes a passage from the prophet Zephaniah. The beautiful and uplifting words console us, but when we set them against the backdrop of life at the time, they take on deeper meaning. In this podcast, we consider how Zephaniah's words of joy fall right in the middle of the mess, and how we might look then for Jesus adventing in to the midst of all we'd prefer to exile.
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Parish Text Updates