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Nativity Family Sunday (Love – December 19, 2021)

Advent 2021
1. Raise Up Your Heads (Hope – November 28, 2021)
2. AfterWords: Falling Skies and Fig Leaves (November 28, 2021)
3. A Liturgy As Big As Life: We Will Keep the Feast (Peace – December 5, 2021)
4. AfterWords: Feasting with Friends (December 5, 2021)
5. Joy in the Middle of It (Joy – December 12, 2021)
6. AfterWords: Wending Through Unknown Country (December 12, 2021)
7. Nativity Family Sunday (Love – December 19, 2021)
8. AfterWords: Ugly-Crying at the Cathedral (December 19, 2021)

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In Parish tradition, the final Sunday of Advent is a Family Sunday. We gather around a manger and straw, from oldest to youngest, and recall the story of Jesus’ birth. This year, through songs and sketches and stories we remembered the way the Humble King is born into the world (and how different it is from any other royal birth announcement!). Family Pastor Sarah Fetz shares the homily, helping us see that Jesus’ birth was actually his first teaching to us.

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Ugly-Crying at the Cathedral
by Laura Boggs

Taking the conversation further, Laura Boggs offers a 3-minute written reflection on this Sunday gathering. Click the button below to read.

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Additional Resources

Each week, we’re providing a card to guide you and your family during this Advent season. Review or download the cards below.

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