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The Parish is a church community in Alpharetta, Georgia being shaped by the way of Jesus.

We gather most Sundays at 9am & 10:30am for worship, community, and prayer. On 4th Sundays, we gather in mid-sized House Churches.


9am & 10:30am

The Kalen Center
201 Vaughan Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia

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Podcasts & Blogs

AfterWords | Practicing Hope (House Church Sunday) (November 27, 2022)
Beth Nelson offers a 3 minute written reflection on the House Church gathering from Sunday, November 27, 2022.
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A Big Enough Story | A Call to Remembrance (Christ the King Sunday) (November 20, 2022)
This morning Parishioner John Ott challenges our assumptions around the idea of obedience; recognizing that obedience is fundamental to the Christian path, but, it is more about the location of it in the sense that obedience is located in-between the practice of remembrance and God’s abundance.  Obedience is therefore not a formulaic and shamed based response, but rather something we do out of overflow in our remembrance of God’s faithfulness in the past and our hope in God’s presence in the future.
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AfterWords | Surviving a Wilderness Season (November 13, 2022)
Lisa Goddard offers a 3 minute written reflection on The Parish gathering from Sunday, November 13, 2022.
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A Big Enough Story | A Promised Place (The God Who Saves) (November 13, 2022)
This past Sunday, Jordan took us through the Exodus story, noting that God hears the cries of trying times and He responds. In our own stories, we often want instant gratification, immediate transformation, a quick solution, but God has a purpose and plan, seeking our patience, cooperation and discernment to understand what He is up to.
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AfterWords | All Saints Day (November 6, 2022)
Christion Murphy offers a 3 minute written reflection on The Parish gathering from Sunday, November 6, 2022.
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Our Rhythm

We desire to be transformed by Christ as we practice His way of life. Journeying together, we are steadied and shaped by a shared rhythm, sometimes called a Rule of Life. This intentional rhythm helps us apprentice our lives to Jesus across three primary pathways: the head, heart, and hands.


Jesus re-minds us through practices of emotional, relational & mental health


Jesus renovates our inner life through practices of prayer & spiritual formation


Jesus reorients our way of being with others through practices of vocation, justice & service

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