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Raise Up Your Heads (Hope – November 28, 2021)

Advent 2021
1. Raise Up Your Heads (Hope – November 28, 2021)
2. AfterWords: Falling Skies and Fig Leaves (November 28, 2021)
3. A Liturgy As Big As Life: We Will Keep the Feast (Peace – December 5, 2021)
4. AfterWords: Feasting with Friends (December 5, 2021)
5. Joy in the Middle of It (Joy – December 12, 2021)
6. AfterWords: Wending Through Unknown Country (December 12, 2021)
7. Nativity Family Sunday (Love – December 19, 2021)
8. AfterWords: Ugly-Crying at the Cathedral (December 19, 2021)

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As the season of Advent begins, we lean into Hope. In today’s podcast, Luke Warner untangles a difficult passage from Luke 21. Here, the sky is literally falling. But Jesus invites us to behold restoration, reconciliation, re-creation in the midst of chaos and catastrophe. Rather than an end, this is the birthing of a new beginning.

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Falling Skies and Fig Leaves
by Laura Boggs

Taking the conversation further, Laura Boggs offers a 3-minute written reflection on this Sunday gathering. Click the button below to read.

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Each week, we’re providing a card to guide you and your family during this Advent season. Review or download the cards below.

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