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Picnic in the Park this Sunday, June 16th. No gatherings at the kalen center!
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Epiphany | The Wedding at Cana (January 23, 2022)

While Epiphany began with Three Kings Day, we continue to celebrate the season of Jesus becoming known and his glory being revealed. This Sunday, guest speaker and Parishioner, Eric Seidel, shares a message on The Wedding at Cana. Listen to how Jesus' glory is revealed to his disciples and see the gifts Christ gives to everyone at the party.
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Epiphany | Community in the Wilderness (January 30, 2022)

This week Jordan begins a journey with our community. In the reading from Luke 3 & 4, we hear about how some people misplaced their expectations on John the Baptist when Christ alone is Savior and Deliverer. Listen along as Jordan shares insight on expectations in his own story and the story of all believers.
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