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Epiphany | The Wedding at Cana (January 23, 2022)

Epiphany 2022
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3. Epiphany | The Wedding at Cana (January 23, 2022)
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9. Epiphany | Community in the Body of Christ (February 13, 2022)
10. AfterWords | Beloved, Let Us Love One Another (February 13, 2022)
11. Epiphany | Community With Heart Open (February 20, 2022)
12. Epiphany | Community With Hands Open (February 27, 2022)
13. AfterWords | Econ 101 (February 27, 2022)

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While Epiphany began with Three Kings Day, we continue to celebrate the season of Jesus becoming known and his glory being revealed. This Sunday, guest speaker and Parishioner, Eric Seidel, shares a message on The Wedding at Cana. Listen to how Jesus’ glory is revealed to his disciples and see the gifts Christ gives to everyone at the party.

Questions for reflection:

  • Can you recall a time in your life that you experienced Gods abundant joy?
  • Are there areas of your life where you feel God inviting you to trade shame for Gods grace
  • Is there an area in your life where you experience scarcity that you desire to have Gods abundance fill?

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Taking Grace: The (Shame) Party’s Over
by Laura Boggs

Taking the conversation further, Laura Boggs offers a 3-minute written reflection on this Sunday gathering. Click the button below to read.

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