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Epiphany | Formed in the Following (January 9, 2022)

Epiphany 2022
1. Epiphany | Formed in the Following (January 9, 2022)
2. AfterWords | Olive-Epiphany (January 9, 2022)
3. Epiphany | The Wedding at Cana (January 23, 2022)
4. AfterWords | Taking Grace: The (Shame) Party’s Over (January 23, 2022)
5. Epiphany | Community in the Wilderness (January 30, 2022)
6. AfterWords | Bad Things, Good Things, and Misplaced Expectations (January 30, 2022)
7. Epiphany | Community in the Threshing Floor (February 6, 2022)
8. AfterWords | Expectations and Questions (February 6, 2022)
9. Epiphany | Community in the Body of Christ (February 13, 2022)
10. AfterWords | Beloved, Let Us Love One Another (February 13, 2022)
11. Epiphany | Community With Heart Open (February 20, 2022)
12. Epiphany | Community With Hands Open (February 27, 2022)
13. AfterWords | Econ 101 (February 27, 2022)

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For many of us, the Christmas season officially ends as we box up the last decorations and our lives return to business-as-usual. But for millions of Christians worldwide, the 12 days of Christmas ended with the celebration of Epiphany (also known as Three Kings’ Day) on January 6th. The custom seems to have originated with Christians from Alexandria in the early third century, and is a time to celebrate the magi who had an “Epiphany” moment as they visited the Christ Child, offered him their gifts, and worshiped him as King. After they “saw the Light”… nothing was ever the same.

This morning we consider the story of Epiphany and how we too are formed in following the great light.

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by Laura Boggs

Taking the conversation further, Laura Boggs offers a 3-minute written reflection on this Sunday gathering. Click the button below to read.

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