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Epiphany | I Will Let Go (Transfiguration Sunday, February 14, 2021)

We see a mountain top experience on Transfiguration Sunday: Christ clothed in glory among Moses and Elijah and the disciples in awe of it all. Peter suggests they stay up there for a while longer, but Jesus must descend back down the mountain. This Sunday we explore what Henri Nouwen calls "downward mobility," and we share a breath prayer saying "for the love of Jesus, I will let go."
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Prayer Guide: Loss, Life, and Resurrected Purpose

This prayer guide walks you through the process of charting your losses in this season then looking with fresh imagination for how God might raise you up to fresh purpose on the other side of pain. We encourage you to take 30 minutes this week and use this worksheet to guide a time of journaling and prayer.
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Epiphany | You Have Been Spoken Over (January 24, 2021)

This week Jordan dives deeper into the stories of Samuel and Eli and into the story of Jesus' baptism. Just as Samuel hears the voice of the Lord in the evening and Christ hears the voice of the Father in the water, we too can hear His voice speak love over us, His children and His servants. Listen along as Jordan unpacks the hope in being spoken over.
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Being the Beloved: Given

We continue exploring our identity as the people of God, collectively blessed, broken, and given for the sake of the world. It is only in the light of being a people given for the sake of the world that we can fully understand our belovedness and brokenness. Just as the Father has sent Jesus, so Jesus now sends us in the same manner. As we cultivate a living, conversational relationship with the Spirit of Jesus, we are sent into our everyday, ordinary lives, given to image God for the sake of others.
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