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Being the Beloved: Broken

We continue exploring our identity as the people of God, collectively blessed, broken, and given for the sake of the world. All of us are both blessed and broken, and we carry both those realities in with us when we come to church. Building community as broken people is both one of the great challenges and gifts of becoming a people of God, so in this podcast we explore what to do with our brokenness and how to live alongside others who are broken as well. As we hear deeply the Voice that calls us Beloved, we are set free to exist in community without placing unrealistic demands on one another. As we support each other in our pain, we become a community of Wounded Healers given for the sake of others.
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Being the Beloved: Chosen & Blessed

We embark on a 3 week exploration of the identity of Christ’s Church. As the people of God, we are blessed, broken, and given for the sake of the world. Overflowing from our identity as God’s Beloved children, we practice communion and community, then together receive a commission to join our Father in the renewal of all things.
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Stepping Back and Moving Forward

From November to December, 2019, Eddie took a sabbatical for renewal and discernment. In this podcast, Eddie returns to The Parish and shares reflections from his time away and how God has met him and is leading him forward. Against the backdrop of John the Baptist, Eddie shares with our church that God is calling him to take a similar step back, and so he is resigning from his role as Rector of The Parish. 
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The One We’re Waiting For: All the Law & the Prophets

Flowing out of the conviction that Jesus is the Image of the Invisible God, we explore how we might engage the Bible in the light of His Image. Reading the Scriptures through the lens and filter of Jesus helps us make sense of the surprise ending to Israel’s Old Testament story. Jesus, the new lawgiver, the new prophet, the crucified and resurrected One has become God’s final Word of revelation.
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