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Parish Family Ministry | October

Welcome to October, Parish families! We hope your days are feeling crisp and bright and your nights include cozying up a little tighter with that fluffy blanket. Less than 90 sleeps until Christmas! Eek! Here’s a quick look at what our kids and students are learning this month at The Parish.

PRESCHOOL :: These little ones are learning “God’s way is perfect” (2 Samuel 22:31) as they study the life of Moses. They’ll learn about his birth and early days in a basket in the Nile river, and later about God calling to him from the burning bush, leading the Israelites through the Red Sea, and being led by God in pillars of clouds and fire. The basic truth we want them to remember is God loves me, so we can always trust Him and His perfect ways.

ELEMENTARY :: The word of the month for these kiddos is COURAGE. They’ll study the life of Moses in more depth, examining his birth, his calling by God, and his leadership of the Israelites. Their memory verse for October is Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid. Do not lose hope. I am the Lord your God. I will be with you everywhere you go.” Later in the month, they’ll learn the story of the Hebrew scouts from Numbers 13-14, how Joshua and Caleb did what was right even when others were afraid.

MIDDLE SCHOOL :: Our focus for older students in October is “The Who in the How,” and we’ll be learning that science and faith aren’t two separate teams–they actually go hand-in-hand very nicely! Science doesn’t have to make us skeptics; in fact, it can be a great catalyst to faith when we look at the Who behind the how. These topics will make for some great mealtime conversation with your middle schoolers!

The Parent Cue is a way to help you interact with your kids around these topics. Visit the website, download the app, or pick up a printed version at The Parish this Sunday.

Also, be sure your calendars are marked for our Family Worship Experience on October 30 at 10:30am. We’ll enjoy a special service for adults and kids, then we’ll host a Trunk or Treat festival with the whole church family. More information is coming soon!

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