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Building Little Tabernacles

In this message at The Parish, Eddie talked about John’s explanation of Jesus dwelling among us, or “tabernacling” among us. The tabernacle was the earthly location of God’s presence, where the Hebrew people went to meet with God’s Spirit. Under the old covenant with Israel, the Holy Spirit would come and go, visiting people to lead them in a specific task or understanding, and giving them instructions to follow in His absence. Jesus, before He ascended to Heaven, promised the Spirit of God would come and make His home in us, dwelling in us at all times as we accept Him.
As our children grow in knowledge and understanding of God, they are becoming walking tabernacles for God’s Spirit. In August and September in Parish Kids, we have been talking about obedience and trust, setting solid structural timbers on which to build a life of faith. At home, ask your kids questions about what it means to trust, why it’s sometimes difficult, and Who is the One we can always trust. Pray with them, for them, and in front of them. Tell your kids what you learned in church. These conversations will help make the language of faith the language of your home, leaving the door always open to conversations about life with Jesus.
Your little tabernacles may start out like Lincoln Log cabins, shaky and drafty. The more you bring these lessons from church into your home, discussing them throughout the week and praying through them together, you’ll see your kids growing into sturdier wood dwellings, then brick houses. Before you know it, what was once a stick-and-cloth Tent of Meeting has become a solid, grounded tabernacle in which the Holy Spirit is always at home and working.

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