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Organizations We Love | Myles-A-Part

Through the years we’ve been able to work and become friends with some incredible people. Many of those people were part of or have created organizations that are doing amazing things to restore their local communities. As a church that wants to empower those people and that type of restoration, we want to introduce them to you and hope you’ll find some inspiration in what God is doing to restore the world and how he may want to use you along the way.

image-17This week’s organization was founded by a friend Eddie worked with for several years at North Point Community Church, Tina Dula. Tina is one of the more talented women you will ever come across. She sings, she writes, she produces, she creates, she empowers and she’s a supportive wife and doting mother. She and her husband are currently planting Perimeter Pointe Church in Atlanta with some other great folks. When their son Myles was just two years old, he was diagnosed with Autism. This was a journey they never anticipated, but have handled with tremendous grace and perseverance.

As they began this journey, they quickly realized that the therapies and treatments required are often not covered by insurance. With Autism being the one of the fastest growing disabilities in America, Tina established Myles-A-Part to provide financial and emotional support for Autistic families. We recently worked with Tina and Myles-A-Part to adopt a family over Christmas. Our launch team adopted two families and we were all blown away at what an awesome experience we had. It was a huge blessing all around.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.52.11 PMThe Myles-A-Part Foundation currently has three programs: The Hourglass Early Intervention Program, Thrive and The Autism Initiative for Minorities. These programs are constantly evolving and developing. For more information on any of them or to contact the organization directly visit their website. We would highly recommend you connect with Tina and this incredible organization. The steps they are making to restore the brokenness caused by Autism are inspiring. Check back next week for another story that will encourage us to become the restorers God has called us to be.

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