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Picnic in the Park this Sunday, June 16th. No gatherings at the kalen center!
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The Parish is Hiring a Family Ministry Pastor

The Parish is seeking a Family Ministry Pastor to join our staff team. This staff position is 25 – 30 hours per week and is primarily responsible for overseeing spiritual formation environments for children and students. The Family Ministry Pastor crafts content, plans children’s gatherings, communicates publicly, leads volunteers, and shepherds parents and families at large both on Sundays and throughout the week.
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Gardens: A Journey Through Holy Week 2020

Join us on a journey through Jesus' last week leading to the cross. Against the backdrop of gardens, we'll create meditative and experiential spaces to experience Holy Week on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.
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My Uncle’s Heart: On Love, Grief, and Hope

Throughout this unique season, we're inviting members of The Parish community to share reflections from their own lives. In this post, Melanie Heineman shares her eulogy for her Uncle, who passed away last month. In Melanie's reflections, we find a…

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