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The Work of the People | A Big Enough Table (August 22, 2021)

In this talk, Jordan reminds us of the great feast we are invited to with God. To hold up such a broad, expansive, and inclusive meal we need a big enough table. So we explore how we might "say yes" to all we see in Jesus, which means building a table with legs grounded in all the great Church traditions (contemplative, formational, justice, sacramental, and charismatic). For the guiding image we're using in this series, see here:
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The Work of the People | The Way of the People (August 15, 2021)

As we enter a new season of gatherings at The Kalen Center, we begin a series as a way of rooting and re-orienting ourselves in the way of our Rabbi, Jesus. We'll reflect on the way and work Jesus invites The Parish into, and how we might respond to Jesus' invitations from Matthew 11: Come to Me, Walk with Me, Work with Me, Watch How I Do It.
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The Parish is Hiring a Family Ministry Pastor

The Parish is seeking a Family Ministry Pastor to join our staff team. This staff position is 25 – 30 hours per week and is primarily responsible for overseeing spiritual formation environments for children and students. The Family Ministry Pastor crafts content, plans children’s gatherings, communicates publicly, leads volunteers, and shepherds parents and families at large both on Sundays and throughout the week.
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Holy Week 2021 | Saturday

This year, we're entering into Holy Week one day at a time. Holy Saturday invites us into the place between the pain and the promise. Morgan leads us in a reflection of how often life can seem like a Holy Saturday, in-between reality, and how we might meet Jesus in all that is unresolved.
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