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No 9am service this Sunday, May 29!

Raise Up Your Heads (Hope – November 28, 2021)

As the season of Advent begins, we lean into Hope. In today's podcast, Luke Warner untangles a difficult passage from Luke 21. Here, the sky is literally falling. But Jesus invites us to behold restoration, reconciliation, re-creation in the midst of chaos and catastrophe. Rather than an end, this is the birthing of a new beginning.
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Watch How I Do It | A Spirit-Dependent Life (October 24, 2021)

Today we explore the final "leg" of our big enough table - the charismatic traditions in the Church that help us lean into a Spirit-dependent life. We'll look at both the gifts and potential pitfalls of these traditions and how we might make space for a faith that is radically responsive to the Holy Spirit while remaining rooted in cruciform love and sacramental presence. 
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Work With Me | Discerning Vocation (September 26, 2021)

As we enter the "Work with Me" section of our Fall sermon series, John Ott guides us in an exploration of discerning vocation. How can we determine the work God has for us, versus what our ego/ethical expectations require of us? How can we settle into Jesus' promise of a light, well-fitting yoke?
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Walk With Me | Formed by Our Influences (September 19, 2021)

This week, we reflect on the shaping power of the influences and atmospheres around us. What is forming our understanding of what is true and good? What are we being taught to love? We assess our use of media and practice soul care  to meet Jesus amidst the ongoing pandemic. Use the handout below for your own time of journaling practice and to follow along.
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