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Join Us In Prayer

Hey everyone!

Over the past year we have welcomed many new faces and families into our church community. As a result, we sense our time in our current worship space might be drawing to a close at the end of the summer.

We have spent the past nine months diligently praying and looking for other options on where to worship as a church family, asking God to help us discern His voice in the process. After researching dozens of locations with the help of many talented people, in the past weeks several doors have closed suddenly, while others have opened unexpectedly. This has been an answer to prayer, but one that leaves us scratching our heads a bit!

God is clearly up to something, and I don’t want us to miss His leading. At the same time, in order to be wise stewards and prepare well for Sundays in August, we need to make a decision within the next week. In that time, I will be double-checking and turning over every possible rock as we work to finish well and explore every possibility, no matter how unconventional!

I also believe He wants our entire church community to be involved in this journey of faith. I’d love you all to join with us as we pray for God to make a way. Over the next seven days, from today until next Wednesday, May 25th, would you commit to helping in the following ways?

  • Pray for seven days that God would reveal His desire for the future of our church. Pray that we would hear clearly and confidently, and that our decision would be made with a faithful assurance that God is with us. I’ve provided a written prayer below. Please unite with us in praying these words (and others) as we come before God this week.
  • If you or someone you know has particular expertise or passion in these areas, please let me know. We need your help, especially during this week. God has continually told us that this journey is about people, not a building.

I know God can speak clearly in these seven days, and He can do more in an instant than we can in months of self-powered effort. He has done it before, and He will surely do it again. I can’t wait to share the story with you when it all unfolds.

Come, Holy Spirit!


A Prayer For Discernment: Lord, we enter this process of discernment trusting that You have the answers we are seeking, and that You will not hide Yourself from those who ask, seek and knock. The answers are beyond our ability to comprehend so we collectively place our trust in You to guide us to a place of clarity and resolve. During this week, we ask that You would reveal Your will for our future, that we may with joyful hearts bring glory and praise to You for all that You have done, our ever-present and never-failing help. Amen.

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