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A Big Enough Story | The Falling of Self & Sin (September 18, 2022)

In Jordan’s sermon, adapted from a message by Rob Bell, he points to the trouble with jumping straight to the problem of sin as introduced in Genesis 3. When we pass over “God saw that it was good,” we’re left with a story chiefly about sin and a God who exists only to solve it. This morning's message is on reminding us to begin with "the beginning," God made all things good.
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A Big Enough Story | Felix Culpa (Your Good Heart) (October 2, 2022)

This morning we pick right back up in Genesis 3, continuing to talk about the fall and how the fracturing fault of sin distorts what God created as good. And yet, what we know to be true, is this is not the end of the Story. We're introduced to an old church liturgy that says, "O happy fault, that earned for us so glorious a Redeemer. Fortunate Fall, that gained for us so great a Redeemer!"
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A Big Enough Story | On Sin & Love (October 9, 2022)

We continue the conversation around love and sin this morning. Jordan shares with us a thought from George Herbert—"There are two vast, spacious things: sin and love." These two forces, while not equals, exist in a zero-sum tension. Where one grows, the other recedes. If one flourishes, the other subsides.
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A Big Enough Story | Death & All His Friends (October 16, 2022)

We continue in the Genesis story this week, and we're reminded that Sin grows systemically: beginning with one person, then a couple, a family, generations, communities, society, and ultimately the entire system. The cycle of sin and myth of redemptive violence is present in our story, but we believe Christ calls us to reverse the cycle through forgiveness.
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A Big Enough Story | A Promised People (Blessed, Broken, Given) (November 6, 2022)

Welcome to The Parish. This morning‘s gathering is a bit different, as we explore a pattern we all tend to experience in our spiritual journeys: seasons of orientation, disorientation, and re-orientation. To make room to enter these three realities, we broke this morning's gathering up into three separate movements. On the podcast today, you’ll hear elements of each movement, one right after each other. It may be a bit choppy, but you’ll get the idea. We hope you’ll notice God coming to you and whichever stage of the spiritual journey you find yourself.
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A Big Enough Story | A Call to Remembrance (Christ the King Sunday) (November 20, 2022)

This morning Parishioner John Ott challenges our assumptions around the idea of obedience; recognizing that obedience is fundamental to the Christian path, but, it is more about the location of it in the sense that obedience is located in-between the practice of remembrance and God’s abundance.  Obedience is therefore not a formulaic and shamed based response, but rather something we do out of overflow in our remembrance of God’s faithfulness in the past and our hope in God’s presence in the future.
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