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Pentecost | The Freedom of the Spirit (July 3, 2022)

Pentecost 2022
1. Pentecost | The Birth & Life (So Far) of the Church (June 5, 2022)
2. AfterWords | Every Member Holy (June 5, 2022)
3. Pentecost | A New Spirit (June 12, 2022)
4. Pentecost | Holy Rhythm (June 19, 2022)
5. AfterWords | Holy Rhythm (June 19, 2022)
6. Pentecost | First Fruits & Flow of the Spirit (June 26, 2022)
7. AfterWords | Come Thou Fount (June 26, 2022)
8. Pentecost | The Freedom of the Spirit (July 3, 2022)
9. AfterWords | The Center of the Universe (July 3, 2022)

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Jesus’ Kingdom is the freest of countries. It is absolutely clear God calls you to a free life, Scripture says. But what does freedom in Christ’s Kingdom really mean? And how do we become fluent in the words and ways of freedom while living in a culture that understands freedom very differently?

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The Center of the Universe

by Lisa Leeper

Taking the conversation further, Lisa Leeper offers a 3-minute written reflection on this Sunday gathering. Click the button below to read.

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