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No 9am service this Sunday, May 29!


Being the Church goes far beyond a building or Sunday morning event. We want to richly share our lives and become a community built on deep relationships. Since we love spending time together, there’s usually something going on.

Our communal rule of life shapes our life together around these distinct contexts:


We open our lives to God and one another through small groups. These gatherings function as a spiritual lab of sorts where we practice one specific way of being with God throughout the group.


Seasonal classes help us dive deeper into Christ-shaped contemplative spirituality and emotional health. Classes are informal and interactive ways to explore theology or spiritual & emotional formation.


A vital part of community is joyfully serving one another, so everyone at the Parish is encouraged to join a team of Servant Leaders.


We’re a simple community, but still love to get together. There’s usually something fun on the horizon, and we’re curating it here on the calendar.

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