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Picnic in the Park this Sunday, June 16th. No gatherings at the kalen center!
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The Lent Project | Day 35

Today’s Lent Project devotional is by Christi Baker. She is a member of our Leadership Team and hosts the Dunwoody Table Group.

I love the Psalms. They are the place where I feel most at home with God. Very raw emotion, founded in trustfulness. Evocative honesty, vivid poetic imagery. It’s a beautiful place to hang out with God. In today’s Daily Office Reading, Psalm 121 is one of the most beautiful pictures of this tension, a breathtaking promise of what walking with God can look like. One of my favorite songs by the Brooklyn Tabernacle is taken from this passage. God talks to me a lot through music, sets my soul at ease through music. And though this one is a bit old-school, its scripture through-and-through . You can listen here.

I don’t want to say much today. We are approaching Easter… the coming of resurrection and salvation. We have been fasting or leaning into this journey for weeks now and there is still a ways to go. But I want to sit with you in the truth of this promise today, let it wash over us, calm and dignify us in the midst of our spring stress:

He is our Help. In both the Easter season and the gospel universal. He is coming. He is on His way.


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