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Preschool/Toddler/Nursery Areas + Foyer + Check-In Station Setup:

  • Bring ladder to preschool space

  • Bring Kids Check-in bin to foyer

  • Prop door leading to preschool hallway (*Important: Keep this door open and propped. This door will lock when closed!)

  • Place easel (with stuffed puppy on top) immediately through preschool wing door to the right (blocking hallway to bathroom)

    • Ensure easel reads:

      • ←  Preschool

      •         Babies →

  • Set Preschool Room

    • Hang 2 banners (cabinet)

    • Pull out Preschool bins (cabinet)

    • Fill water container and set out with plastic cups

    • Set out Alexa Echo Dot (place on tall brown corner table)

    • Move out bassinet, baby-walker, and high-chairs to monitoring room (behind 2-way mirror) and slide monitoring room door shut

  • Set Foyer

    • Move foyer couch

      • back up against desk, facing the front door

    • Move console up against stairwell

      • Move items on console to table by the window

    • Place 2 printers and 2 ipads on console

      • Plug in all items to power strip

  • Setup new Nursery/Toddler area

    • Prop door

    • Set 2 gates

      • 1 at first room entrance (kitchen)

      • 1 at toddler room entrance (glass window room)

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