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Lent Practices – Week 2 – 2.22.2018

THEME: From Distraction to Subtraction

BREATH PRAYER: Jesus, teach me how to make space for You.


For everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matthew 7:8b


  • In a journal, note the day, time, and place you’re sitting.
  • Open with silence. Set a timer for 1, 3, or 5 minutes so you can be free to rest and breathe deeply.
  • Complete the following sentence in your journal: Today, I feel ________________.
  • Read the centering verse above slowly (aloud or silently).
  • Pause for a few moments of silence, then pray this week’s breath prayer.


Spoiler alert: Listening prayer may feel unproductive. And like other things, it may seem hard at first because it is new. In the practice of listening prayer, we aren’t in control of what is said–we tune our minds and hearts to listen to God’s voice as He speaks Truth. He guides our time of prayer when we quiet ourselves and allow Him the space to do so.

Think of conversations you’ve had in the past day or two. Have you been interrupted? What does that communicate to you? Do you interrupt others? How does that affect your relationship with the other speaker?

When you ask a question of God and don’t hear a response, what do you do? What kinds of questions or beliefs does it give rise to?

Take a few moments of silence and consider something you’d like to ask Jesus. You might imagine yourself in first-century Jerusalem, running to catch up with Him on a dusty road. Walk beside Him as you ask your question. Expect Him to respond. Write everything you “hear” in your journal, even if you question whether it’s from God or not.

If you don’t feel He is speaking, do not give up. The beauty of spiritual practice is that we are exposed to these activities so we may engage in them regularly. In time, they become easier and more naturally integrated into our moment-by-moment lives. Try this practice again at another time.

Summary: Write in your journal a brief summary (five sentences or less) of your practice.

Closing: Jesus, teach me how to make space for You.

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