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AfterWords | The Voice of the Wind

AfterWords is a series of community-contributed reflections intended to further the conversations that begin during Parish sermons.

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A 1-Minute Read or Listen
by Jared Ray

Oh, how the voice of the wind sings to me
In spaces between,
Nestled among branch, leaf and blade.
The song reverberates
With the gentleness of the reed.

For as its timbre grows,
It breaks against the heights;
It roars through the plains,
Following ancient contours
Of both stone and clay.

It beckons all who will hear
To join its symphony,
To awaken from their slumber
And play as children of God,
Both wild and free.

Who now will heed its call?
—May it be me; may it be you.

And may the voice of the wind
Grace our cheeks,
Ruffle our hair,
And free our souls.

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