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AfterWords | An Imaginative Exercise on the Walk to Emmaus (August 21, 2022)

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AfterWords is a series of community-contributed reflections intended to further the conversations that begin during Parish sermons.

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A 3-Minute Exercise
from Keely Darnell

The journey is a common metaphor used to describe the Christian life. This past Sunday we found ourselves in a familiar passage of scripture: The Road to Emmaus. Jordan shared that “even when we walk away from everything we know about God, God joins us.”As you are able enter into the imaginative exercise below. You can journal your responses, visualize them in your mind, or have a loved one ask you these questions. We can all find ourselves on the road to Emmaus.

Before you being, take three deep breaths, or whatever signals to your body that you are lovingly held by God.

  1. What terrain are you traveling on? Describe your surroundings.
  2. Are you traveling alone or with someone?
  3. Are you tired or energized?
  4. What emotions do you have?
  5. Where or what are you leaving?
  6. Where are you headed?
  7. Jesus joins you…what does he look like? What is he wearing? At what pace is he walking?
  8. What does he say to you?
  9. How do you feel around him?
  10. What do you say to Jesus?
  11. Is there something you want to say to him, but don’t?
  12. Is there anything you want to say to Jesus about the journey you’re on?
  13. Is there anything that you want clarity about?
  14. Take all the time you need to be in conversation. God is in no rush.
  15. After your conversation, do you sense any shifting in your mind, body, or spirit?
  16. Is there anything that you want to share with others?

Allow a few moments of silence to express gratitude to God for this time, and rest in His love.

May God surprise you kindly on your journey.

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