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Neighborhood Group Leader Resources

Thank you for leading a Parish Neighborhood Group!
This page contains important resources for managing your group and getting started.

Discussion Questions

Each week, you’ll select 2-3 discussion questions to structure your meeting around. We’ve curated discussion questions you can use or adapt. We encourage you to start with something similar to a “status update” question and end with the “how can we support you” question.

If you find a meaningful question that works well in your group, leave a comment on this doc so we can all learn from you!

Manage Your Group

To manage your group’s roster, send emails to members, or submit attendance reports, login to our Groups admin system:

Before your first group meeting, please watch the orientation video below.

First Communication

Below, you’ll find a draft template you can use to send a first communication to your group. We encourage you to send an email to all members of your group no later than Tuesday (4/28) at noon.

Hello, this is __________ from The Parish.

I will/We will be your leaders for the upcoming Neighborhood Group you’ve joined. We can’t wait to meet with you, beginning this upcoming Wednesday night (4/29) from 8-9pm. We’ll gather each week online using this link:

In case you’re curious, here’s a list of everyone in our group:

  • (Names Here)

Our group will gather every other Wednesday night around some simple discussion questions. Our hope is these questions will foster an environment where we can meaningfully open our lives to one another, share stories, pray together, and lift each other’s burdens. The only preparation required of you is to come with an open heart, ready to share the stuff of life and how God is coming to you through it all.

Since we only meet as a group twice per month, please do your best to prioritize being a part of the group as often as possible! For those interested, there will also be an evening prayer service offered from 9-9:30 after our group wraps up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me/us an email at _______________ or call/text at _______________.

See you Wednesday night at 8pm!
Your name here

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